• What is Beanstack?

    Beanstack is our digital reading log tool, used by every student and adult in our school.  Tracking the quantity of reading helps us encourage students to enjoy reading with incentives like badges, prizes, and challenges.  Students who spend time reading - anything! - are more likely to enjoy reading, and to make gains in their reading and comprehension ability.  Teachers often use reading logs in class, and Beanstack adds a new layer.  In addition to tracking reading, students learn how to navigate a digital tool, an important skill for students. 

    Students can log reading minutes at home by accessing Beanstack via Clever, our single sing-on portal.  All reading counts - reading with parents, being read to, independent reading, audiobooks, video read-alouds, even reading the back of the cereal box might count for a minute or two! 

    We track student and adult reading to reach a yearly community goal, and this year we reached our community goal before December! 

    Check out our monthly reading chart below!

Beanstack Tutorial - English

Tutorial de Beanstack - Español