• Department of Education 2022- 2023 Report Card Data

  • CCSD schools make a noticeable improvement on state’s 2023 school report card list

    The South Carolina State Department of Education released the 2023 State Report Cards today, and multiple schools from Charleston County School District (CCSD) made significant improvements. For example, 35 CCSD schools are rated “Excellent” in 2023 compared to 22 last year. In addition, only three schools are receiving an “Unsatisfactory” rating in 2023 versus 11 in 2022.

    Additional CCSD school report card highlights for 2023 are as follows:

    • 53 CCSD schools are rated “Excellent” or “Good” in 2023, a 14 percent increase from 2022

    • 74 CCSD schools are rated “Average” or better (including “Good” and “Excellent”), nearly a six percent increase from 2022 

    • Five CCSD schools improved by two rating levels, and 28 CCSD schools improved by one rating level

    • 25 of the 27 CCSD middle schools/programs (92.6 percent) are rated “Average” or better (including “Good” and “Excellent”)

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