• All Things Data - Abbey Benzine, Data Strategist for Acceleration Schools

  • Abbey Benzine, Data Strategist for Acceleration Schools

    Please introduce yourself and your role on the Acceleration Schools team.

    My name is Abbey Benzine, and I am the Data Strategist for Acceleration Schools. I came to CCSD through the Strategic Data Project with Harvard University, a two-year fellowship designed to support nationwide data usage, literacy, and culture in education. I work with our team and school leaders to analyze our data, including test scores, attendance rates, disciplinary incident trends, and more. I create data tables and graphs to help process our schools’ progress and develop goals for the future. 

    What is your why for working with Acceleration Schools?

    I was drawn specifically to this placement with Acceleration Schools because I wanted to use my skills to help kids and schools that have historically been marginalized. Data is a powerful tool that helps expose inequities and highlight strengths that otherwise may be missed. I was excited to be a part of a team bringing excellence and opportunities to all students in Charleston.

    What data have you been working with lately?

    Recently, we completed our spring iReady diagnostics. Our elementary schools take computer-adaptive assessments three times a year to measure student achievement and progress in math and ELA. These diagnostics are aligned with South Carolina state standards and help our teachers and leaders review whether students are on grade level and what areas may need additional support. Our students achieved incredible growth this year, which is a direct result of the great work our leaders, teachers, and district team members are doing. I’m excited about the trajectory of our schools based on this data.