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    In the winter of 2021, a task force of school-based and district-based members was convened to examine current research and current research-based ELA curriculum options. After 5 months of intensive work, the task force recommended piloting the EL Education ELA curriculum for K - 8th grades.

    In the summer of 2021, the EL Education ELA curriculum was approved by the SC Department of Education for implementation in the State’s Palmetto Literacy Project schools (CCSD has 24 elementary schools + 1 charter school with this designation).

    The 10 Acceleration Schools (8 elementary + 2 middle schools) piloted the 4-module portion of the EL Education ELA curriculum starting in August 2021.

    10 additional elementary schools (some at selected grade levels) piloted the first 2 modules of EL Education ELA curriculum starting in January 2022.

    Based on data/feedback from staff, parent, and student surveys, classroom observations, and preliminary assessment results from the 2 cohorts of pilot schools, the recommendation is to officially adopt and implement the EL Education ELA curriculum district-wide.

    (Approved at the 7/18/22 Committee of the Whole)

    On September 12, 2022, the CCSD Board of Trustees Special Called Board Meeting approved EL as the K-8 ELA curriculum for Charleston County. During the 22-23 school year, 52 out of 61 K-8 schools implemented the curriculum with the remaining 9 joining during the 23-24 school year.



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    Module Lessons

    Each grade K-8 will engage in Module instruction. Modules provide rigorous, grade-level, content-based literacy instruction to all students. Through high-interest topics, students will deepen their understanding through research and demonstrate their thinking through performance tasks. Equity in Instruction is defined as instruction and assessment that challenge, engage, and empower learners and access to standards-based, content-rich, culturally affirming curriculum. EL is grounded in equity in instruction and is designed to challenge all learners while giving teachers the freedom to adapt lessons to meet the unique needs of the learning that they serve by using a universal design for learning.

    Skills Block

    In addition to Module Lessons, K-2 students will also engage in systematic and explicit foundational literacy instruction each day. This direct instruction in phonological awareness and phonics will produce students who are ready to tackle grade-level materials and are confident in their ability to decode words they encounter. Skills Block is based on current reading research and leans into the methods that science tells us best serve students in growing their reading ability. After direct instruction, students will take part in differentiated activities, including small group instruction provided by the teacher to target their specific needs to grow their reading skills.

    ALL Block

    In addition to Module Lessons, 3-5 students will also engage in an Additional Language and Literacy Block. The ALL Block and the Module Lessons are complementary, working together to accelerate the achievement of all students. During ALL Block, students engage in independent reading, additional practice with complex text, fluency, and GUM (grammar, usage, and mechanics) writing practice and word study/vocabulary. Each day students will also work in small groups with the teacher in order to accelerate the growth of all learners and meet their unique needs.