• Leading our Students towards Success at Goodwin Elementary

  • Anna Grillo - 3rd Grade

    W. B Goodwin Elementary School

    Title: # WeWillExcel: Leading our Students towards Success at Goodwin Elementary

    What is your name, and why are you a teacher? What is your why?

    My name is Anna Grillo, and I am an educator at W.B. Goodwin Elementary School. I am an educator because I am passionate about guiding children to become empathetic, strong, and confident human beings. At Goodwin, we teach our scholars that the world needs them and how to be positive leaders. 

    What makes teaching at Goodwin extraordinary to you?

    Being an educator at Goodwin has been nothing short of extraordinary. When you walk into the building, with every corner you turn, you see someone with the same purpose as you...our scholars. 

    What growth have you seen with your students with the ELA  and Math curriculum?  Also, what gains and improvements have your students made due to your teaching?

     Our rigorous reading curriculum, EL, has aided in the growth of our students. EL has skyrocketed writing, reading, and language skills through its purposeful and engaging lessons, equitable protocols, and opportunity for student expression. On top of academics, EL has improved our scholars' social and emotional skills by teaching them how their habits contribute to the world.

    How have you ensured your students have a voice in their learning?

    Student expression is prevalent like never before. The way that students are able to share their knowledge aloud in such a confident and safe way, as well as take and receive kind and courageous feedback, is revolutionizing the classroom. 

    If you could give educators one piece of advice, what would it be?

    Be a facilitator over a lecturer,  trust your kids, and set them up to exceed expectations.