• Leading our Students towards success at Goodwin Elementary

  • #WeWillExcel: Leading our Students towards success at Goodwin Elementary
    Kelly Clements - Kindergarten Instructor 

    What is your name, and why are you a teacher? What is your why?

    My name is Kelly Clements, and I am an educator at Goodwin Elementary School. I choose to because I want children to become self-motivated and self-confident learners so they can be the best version of themselves. 

    What makes teaching at Goodwin extraordinary to you?

    Goodwin Elementary is extraordinary because everyone you encounter from the moment you walk into the building has the same goal-to provide our students with the best learning environment.

    What growth have you seen with your students with the ELA  and Math curriculum?  Also, what gains and improvements have your students made due to your teaching?

    The rigorous curricula of EL and Bridges have assisted with the growth of my students because they are more confident with their language skills-reading, writing, speaking & listening, and logical reasoning skills. Finally, students connect their learning to the real world and on iReady and understand why EDUCATION MATTERS!

    How have you ensured your students have a voice in their learning?

    I serve as the facilitator of learning in my classroom.  Therefore students are eager to share their new learning within and outside the classroom.  We are in the job of customer service, where students are our priority stakeholders.  Based on comments from students, parents, and other stakeholders, I have ensured that students have the opportunity to be a voice in their learning.

    If you could give educators one piece of advice, what would it be?

    If I could give current and future educators one piece of advice, it would be as follows:

    Think of yourself as a co-learner (a guide on the side) and provide as many opportunities as possible for your students to seek out new content.  So they can become more dependent on themselves for the answers and evidence within their learning.