• Credentialing 

  • ESOLESOL Endorsement Cohort in 2023-2024

    • For the general education classroom/content teacher

    • Tuition and books/materials are paid 100% by a grant

    • 100% online and asynchronous (no set meetings)

      • Optional synchronous (“live”) online meetings are offered periodically

    • 2 courses (3 graduate credits each)—must commit to both 


    Winthrop University ESOL Admin Program

    There are two options for participation:

    1.  Credit (1 graduate credit hour)

    •      30-35 hrs interacting with content (readings, videos, podcasts, quizzes, reflections, action plan)
    •      Develop an action plan for improving your school’s climate in support of MLs

    2.  Certificate of Completion (not for graduate credit)

    •     25 hrs interacting with content (readings, videos, podcasts, etc.)
    •     Option to develop an action plan for improving your school’s climate in support of MLs

    If interested in this ESOL Endorsement opportunity, contact Fred Pleis at frederick_pleis@charleston.k12.sc.us 

  • ESOLUSC-Aiken and CCSD Certification Partnership Information

    CCSD will continue its partnership with USC-Aiken by offering graduate courses towards ESOL Certification. 

    Each bi-semester, USC-Aiken offers one eight-week graduate course for CCSD employees. The graduate courses are offered at the same time each year, so participants have the opportunity to complete the required coursework for their ESOL Certification in a timely manner. 

    The MSO Office covers tuition and participants would be responsible for the application fee to apply with the university, which is $46 and paid one time. Participants are also responsible for the Praxis registration fee and textbooks.

    The only prerequisite to joining this partnership is that participants hold a current SC teaching certificate as these are graduate-level courses!

    If you are interested in earning your ESOL Certification through our USC-Aiken partnership, please contact Jamie Cook at jamie_cook@charleston.k12.sc.us