• School Choice

  • Robin JonesRobin H. Jones
    Executive Director of School Choice and Virtual Programs 

    75 Calhoun Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    843-937-6457 Office
    Email: robinh_jones@charleston.k12.sc.us
  • The School Choice team works collaboratively within the Learning Services department to expand school selection opportunities, provide specialized or advanced course offerings when unavailable at a home school, and provide course delivery options beyond traditional in-person instructional models. Along with neighborhood schools, CCSD offers a diverse, expanding portfolio of specialized programs delivered through countywide magnets, constituent magnets, Montessori magnets, charter schools, and virtual programs to support students with diverse interests and talents. This department assists school administrators in meeting the diverse needs of families requesting options for their students at every level through the following areas of responsibility:

    • Management of all components of the CCSD School Choice and Transfer application processes to ensure CCSD magnet school and programs policy (IHBHB) and CCSD Transfers policy (JFABC) are carried out with fidelity within the established timelines. This team ensures that families are informed about school choice and transfer options and collaborate with other CCSD departments in the preparation, execution, and post-cycle processes while maintaining a high level of customer service for internal and external stakeholders.

    • Management of CCSD Virtual programs, including Virtual Charleston (a franchise of VirutalSC) and other vendor resources. This team provides schools with a catalog of state standard-aligned courses delivered through synchronous and asynchronous formats to ensure access and equity for all students. This program is designed to help meet on-time graduation requirements, offer accelerated graduation opportunities, and advanced-level course options through online and distance learning platforms, and help mitigate teacher shortage concerns. CCSD Virtual Programs supports schools and programs by facilitating these opportunities, monitoring progress, and ensuring fidelity and compliance with district and state expectations.

    • Management of CCSD's shared-services agreement with Low Country Virtual (LCV) to provide a full-time online learning option for approved students in grades K-8. This team manages the enrollment process, monitors student data and progress, and supports families to foster student success. In addition, this team collaborates with school leaders and LCV leadership to monitor progress and help ensure students’ continuous academic growth through personalized support and targeted interventions as needed.

    • Oversight of CCSD-sponsored Charter Schools to ensure meeting the requirements established by the South Carolina Charter Schools Act of 1996. The district also works to support each charter school while allowing each school the flexibility to govern itself as mandated by state law.  

    • Management of Dual Enrollment (DE) documentation to maintain compliance with SC DOE expectations for transcript posting through timely updates of Memorandums of Understanding /Agreements with local, regional, and national institutions of higher learning offering specialized DE programs. 

    • Oversight of CCSD’s compliance with the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children. The School Choice office coordinates with Joint Base Charleston education liaisons to support relocated military families in their school transition process.