• Chat & Chew

    Make sure you and your family member are reading Stars Beneath Our Feet everyday.  Just 10 pages a day will get you to the finish line by December 8th.  Some things to think about while reading:

    • Who are the characters in the novel?
    • What is the setting?  Where and when do the majority of events take place?
    • What point of view is the story told from, 1st person (I, me, my, our), 3rd person (he, she, them)?
    • What is the conflict (main problem the central character is facing)?
    • How does the home life of the main character look when the story opens, compared to how it looked in the past?
    • What major event happened before the story opens?
    • Are the characters static or dynamic (stay the same or change) as the story unfolds?
    • Which character can you relate to the most?  The least?  Why?