Proviso 1.3 - School Budget

  • Proviso 1.3 - School Budget

    According to Proviso 1.3 – Pursuant to Section 59-20-80, each school board of trustees must make available by September first each school year its annual budget that includes state, local, and federal investments in education. The budget must be available on the district’s website. The department, in collaboration with local school districts, will provide a template that each district must use in reporting its budget.
    SECTION 59-20-80. School budgets must be made public; itemization of salaries.
    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each school board of trustees in this state shall annually make available to the general public its budget for that year, which budget shall include an itemized list of the average salaries paid to the superintendents, supervisors, administrators, principals, consultants, counselors and teachers employed by the district. No state aid shall be given to any school district whose board of trustees fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter.