• Important Message for ALL Families -

    Whether your child is already identified as gifted and talented or you are hoping to support that process, we encourage you to use your child's data to really get to know their relative strengths and weaknesses to better support them at home! We hope you find these resources helpful, and we encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher/s and/or our department with additional questions. 

    Please see our other webpages for specific information about the identification process and our gifted service in schools. 

    Cognitive Abilities Test Resources

    Check out CogAT's Parent Resources! - Just receiving CogAT scores and wanting more information?

    We highly recommend this site for help with the following: 

    • Ability Profiler
    • What is CogAT?
    • Conferencing with your child's teacher
    • Supporting your learner at home - Riverside Insights (publishers of the CogAT) features our CCSD games list (linked below) in this section of their website - this is used as part of our SOS Stretch or Support Enrichment Intervention System in SAIL, but is encouraged school-wide to develop academic talent for all students! 
    • Talk to your child about their learning

    CCSD Resources for supporting your child's learning at home:

    • SAIL Growth Report Document and FAQ's
      • If your child receives full gifted service through our SAIL program, they receive a SAIL Growth Report quarterly just after regular report cards are distributed. This document should help with any questions you have about your child's growth in the program.   
    • CCSD's @ Home Enrichment Suggestions for Gifted Education and Talent Development
      • Take a look at our best suggestions for encouraging your child at home! 
    • Master Game List to Support Critical Reasoning
      • Wondering how you can develop critical reasoning skills for your child? We strongly advocate game play as a fun and inviting way to deepen thinking skills and allow for social interaction and family bonding. This "master games list" is broken down into categories of verbal, quantitative and nonverbal which match the different types of thinking assessed on cognitive assessments like the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test). This test is given to all second graders in the state of South Carolina and any student in grades 3-11 who is nominated/referred for additional gifted and talented screening. Game play can be used to extend and enrich skills that are already a strength for a child, but they can also be used to build confidence and support skills that are relatively weaker for students. As an added bonus, these can be great gift ideas! 
    • Four Ways to Create a Climate of Inquiry at Home
    • Recommended Online Learning Resources
      • Check out our collection of online learning tools that allow students to tackle new learning in engaging and interactive ways!
    • ThinkLaw Parenting Resources for Generating More Thoughtful Conversations at Home

    Online Parent Resources:

    Summer / After-School Opportunities