• About the CHAMP Awards

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  • The CHAMP Awards program is a partnership between Coaches for Character and Charleston County School District to recognize "struggling students who have done a lot of great things, overcome odds, exemplified character, made good grades, achieved amazing things but were never recognized." It is an annual event that honors 70 Charleston County students.  Two students will be chosen from every eighth grade and twelfth grade. The award is designed to honor true "Unsung Heroes." The nomination process, managed by Charleston County school counselors, will focus on identifying and selecting students who often go unnoticed, even though they have accomplished wonderful things in their community, church, home, or school. Their selection is based on character, community service, academic effort, and overcoming odds. 

  • 2024 CHAMP Award Recipients

  • Paris Hurst

    Paris Hurst

    RIcky Ortiz-Rivera

    Ricky Ortiz-Rivera