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    Parent-School Partnership Groups

    Academic Magnet High School is supported by a number of active parent-school partnerships that assist our school community in innumerable ways! You can learn more about the different partnership programs and how to get involved below:

    • Academic Magnet High School Foundation

    The Academic Magnet Foundation is one of Magnet’s three dedicated parent groups, working together to support our exceptional school. Our mission, put simply, is to enhance Magnet’s long-term excellence. We fund important programs such as AP course training for teachers, classroom technology enhancements, college preparation services, and the very popular Summer Scholars orientation program for new students. Historically, we’ve also supported school awareness and diversity efforts, including the highly successful Advancing Charleston Excellence (ACE) program to recruit and mentor strong students from high-poverty index middle schools. Although the future can sometimes appear uncertain, our goal remains constant. The Foundation is here to ensure our school’s high standards for quality, achievement and stewardship for years to come.

    Learn more about the AMHS Foundation and how to get involved.


    • Academic Magnet High School PIE (Partners in Education)

    Partners in Education (PIE) is the parent-teacher-student organization at Academic Magnet High School, a vibrant, active parent support group. It is through this parent support that many programs and additional services are implemented, and funding gaps are covered.  As you can imagine, the need is especially great this year.  We are happy to report that year over year, thanks to your support, these needs have been met by PIE. From school spirit student programs to teacher appreciation luncheons to parent engagement events, PIE works actively every day to make the Magnet experience for all the students, faculty, staff and parents truly exceptional.

    Learn more about PIE and how to get involved.


    • Academic Magnet High School Booster Club

    The Academic Magnet High School Booster Club is dedicated to supporting Magnet's athletic programs and student athletes. In addition to regularly creating sports-related competitions, the Booster Club facilitates all game-day operations.

    Learn more about the Booster Club and how to get involved.


    • Academic Magnet High School School Improvement Council

    The School Improvement Council is a group of Academic Magnet administrators, scholars, and faculty committed to ensuring Magnet is meeting the needs of all its students. The Council is not currently accepting new members, but you can learn more about the activities which they've initiated below.

    Learn more about the School Improvement Council.