While parents are strongly discouraged from scheduling appointments for students during the school day, we understand the need for early dismissal occasionally arises. In that event, the following is the procedure to be followed:

    Students should present a note signed by parent/guardian to the front office at the beginning of the school day. They will then be given an Early Dismissal Pass to report to the front office at the appropriate time. This ensures that the student is ready upon parent/guardian's arrival. More importantly, it prevents unnecessary disruptions of essential classroom instruction time.

    • Each note should be legible and should include the following information:
      ○ Student's First AND Last Name
      ○ Date and time for dismissal
      ○ Reason for dismissal
      ○ Parents first AND last name
      ○ Parent/guardian's signature
      ○ Phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached.
    • No student will be released to an individual not listed as "authorized" on his/her Emergency Contact Card without verification from parent/guardian in writing.
    • Phone calls are not a substitute for a written request and students will not be given an Early Dismissal Pass.
    • All Early Dismissals must occur before 2:55pm. Students will not be excused from the classroom past this time due to the upcoming regular dismissal procedures.