• Parent Portal Account Creation

  • This step is completed once, regardless of the number of children enrolled in Charleston County School District.

    To create an account, watch this video, access the parent resource documentation (Espanol), or follow the steps below. 

    To create an account, you will need to have your child's unique Access ID and Access Key/Password. If you have not received your child's unique Access ID and Access Key/Password, please email powerschool@charleston.k12.sc.us

    1. Visit ccsdschools.powerschool.com
      • If you already have an account and wish to add additional children, follow the directions in the next section.
    2. To Create a New Account: Click the “Create Account” tab. 
    3. Fill in your first and last name and include your email address.   
    4. Create a username, and then create a password with 8 or more characters.  
    5. Enter your Student Name, Access ID, and Access Key/Password.  Choose the relationship to your student.
      • Your Access ID and Password will be provided by the district.
    6. Add additional students, as needed.  Enter the student’s name, access ID, access key/password, and select a relationship for each student to be associated with your account.  You can link up to seven students to your account at one time.
    7. Scroll to the bottom and click enter to complete your account creation. 

    You will receive a verification email to validate your account and should now be able to log in to PowerSchool with the username & password you created.