• Overview and Schools

  • The Acceleration Schools initiative is a comprehensive, multi-year school turnaround effort focused on serving our communities’ most vulnerable schools. 

    We will focus on serving the academic, social, and cultural needs of our students, and work alongside staff, families, and our community to develop and support the whole child. 

    We will work to equip students with the skills needed to thrive and impact the world while prioritizing equity and building systems that will sustain success and ensure endless possibilities for all scholars.

    We will empower teachers and school leaders to close the opportunity gap between our communities most vulnerable and chronically underperforming schools and ensure all students have access to a world-class educational experience. 

    Acceleration Principles

    Exceptional People:  Every student will have a great teacher and a strong school leader.

    Rigorous Content and Instruction:  Every student can achieve their college or career goals.

    Community Partnership:  Every student and their family are proud of their school.

    School Transformation: Every division is committed to transforming schools with an equitable and relentless focus on leadership, talent management, instructional infrastructure, and climate and culture.

    Acceleration Schools continues our commitment to serving our students' academic, social, and cultural needs and to work alongside staff, families, and our community to develop and support the whole child. Attached are the summary reports for our annual events that help cultivate our goals for continued support to our students. 
    Acceleration Schools planned 3 Parent and Community Events for the 2022-2023 school year held at Burke High School, North Charleston Elementary School, and Hunley Park Elementary in February. These events consisted of 4 focus groups that the attendees were divided into. Attendees were asked various questions to facilitate thinking and targeted conversation so that we could determine the key issues and future opportunities for Acceleration Schools.
    Another focus of Acceleration Schools is the feedback from the most critical stakeholders in our learning community, our students. Also, in February, the Acceleration Schools Team set out to conduct Student Focus Groups. The participating schools included students from Chicora Elementary, Julian Mitchell Math and Science, North Charleston Elementary, Pepperhill Elementary, Stono Park Elementary, Morningside Middle School, Simmons Pinckney Middle School, and Burke High School. We invite you to read the summary to learn more about the questions asked, a summary of the student discussions, and particular areas that students would like for us to provide more focus on.