• Family Reunification

    Check-in signs at a reunification siteCertain types of emergencies may require faculty, staff, and students to evacuate a campus.  In these cases, the district's family reunification plan will be implemented. 

    During a family reunification, students and staff are transported by school bus to a safe facility away from the emergency.  Parents/guardians are notified as soon as practical and asked to report to the family reunification site.  Upon arrival, the parent/guardian will be directed to the check-in area where his/her identification will be verified.  Next, the parent/guardian will be directed to the parent assembly area where a staff member will reunite the parent/guardian with his/her student(s).  Here are some important reminders:

    Communications:  Important information will be communicated to parents/guardians via the CCSD Alerts text messaging system, automated phone calls, CCSD social media platforms, and the media.  It is vital that parents/guardians update school records anytime their phone number changes.  District staff members at the family reunification site will also be on hand to provide updates; school staff members will be busy responding to the crisis and tending to the needs of the students.

    Identity Verification:  A parent/guardian reporting to a family reunification site must have his/her driver's license or government-issued photo ID available to show to district staff.  The individual picking up the student should also be listed in the student's file as his/her parent/guardian or emergency contact.