• School Resource Officers

  • School Resource Officers (SROs) are full-time sworn law enforcement officers who are employed by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, Charleston Police Department, North Charleston Police Department, or the Mount Pleasant Police Department.  Approximately 65 SROs and SRO supervisors from four local law enforcement agencies provide full-time services to CCSD schools on a daily basis.  Schools in the City of Charleston also benefit from the services of the School Security Response Team (SSRT), a specialized unit within the Charleston Police Department that focuses on the random patrols of schools.

    School Resource Officers' responsibilities fall into three main categories, which the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) refers to as the SRO Triad:  teacher, informal counselor, and law enforcement officer.  SROs are responsible for the physical security of campuses, while also cultivating positive relationships with students and staff to help resolve conflicts and issues before they escalate into serious issues.  SROs are also called upon to present to students on professional topics such as laws, report writing, accident reconstruction, and crime scene techniques.

  • Charleston County Sheriff's Office
  • North Charleston Police Department
  • Charleston Police Department
  • Mount Pleasant Police Department