• Callout and Email blast 1.4.2022

    Good Evening. This is JICHS with a few updates.

    COVID Updates

    The JICHS Board of Directors’ decision to encourage all staff and students to wear masks while providing a  virtual option to parents and students remains in effect through the end of the first semester, January 14, 2022. Parents interested in a virtual option should pick up and complete an application in the front office. 

    We are pleased that the air quality devices have been installed in nearly every classroom that actively disinfects the air and surfaces 24-hours a day. The remaining few classrooms will have devices installed this week. The proprietary technology is from Inspire Tech. These devices are currently being used in Dorchester District 2 Schools. For more information on these devices, please visit their website below. 


    DHEC has recently changed its COVID guidelines. Please see the attachments below for updated information. 

    English Close Contact Info Sheet 12.2021

    English Positive Test Info Sheet 12.2021

    JICHS COVID Updates and Resources

    Passive Screening System

    The JICHS Board of Directors recently approved a new passive screening system for our school from Evolv Technology. This system will allow us to scan every person for temperature and weapons before entering our school without having to make physical contact or search their belongings, making the searches much safer during COVID-19. A person walks through the scanner with all their belongings and if they have a weapon, the system will pinpoint the exact location of the weapon. The system can differentiate between harmless objects and firearms. This system also scans a person's temperature (thermal scan), which helps with detecting COVID-19 or other illnesses related to fevers. This system is used in the Florence County School District and professional sporting venues, such as NFL stadiums. The system is expected to be in place within the week. 

    JICHS visited South Florence High School (SFHS) last month and we were extremely impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of the system. We noticed that Chromebooks and three-ring binders did set off the device. EvolvTech did confirm that those items do cause false alarms. They hope to solve the issue in the future. In the meantime, SFHS had small tables set up next to the scanners that students put their Chromebooks and three-ring binders on and then walk through scanners with the remainder of their belongings. Students that had these items out in advance and minimally impacted morning arrival. The board felt the inconvenience of having to remove these items was a more than reasonable trade-off to improve the public health and safety of our school. For more information on the passive screening system, please visit the Evolv Technology website below. 

    Evolv Technology

    Academic Calendar Calendar Revision

    On December 13, 2021, the JICHS Board of Directors approved the revised academic calendar to match the changes made by CCSD. 

    2021-2022 JICHS Academic Calendar Revised 12.3.2021