• National Honor Society

    I. NHS Requirements


    • Must be a rising Junior or Senior with a GPA of 4.80 or higher by the end of the 4th quarter
      to be considered for the upcoming school year.
    • If you meet eligibility requirements, the application has 5 parts and will be submitted
      through a google form.
      1. Basic Identifying Information 
      2. Space for a short essay to explain why you want to be in NHS outlining your commitment to leadership and service as significant to the NHS ethos.
      3. Student Activity Information
      4. Names & Email Addresses of 2 people (not a relative!) for whom you have performed community service or can attest to your character who will fill out a recommendation for you. You may contact them in advance and tell them that Carrie_Renes@charleston.k12.sc.us will be sending an email directly to them with a recommendation link. Their submitted recommendations must be digitally
        submitted by August 25, 2023 11:59pm .
      5. The Commitment Form for Student & Parent

    The complete application must be submitted from the student applicant by August 25, 2023 11:59pm . However, we encourage you to submit the application as soon as possible to acquire needed recommendations in a timely manner. No late applications will be considered. All recommendations must be submitted digitally by August 27, 2023 at 11:59pm. 

    II. 4 Pillars

    The Four Pillars of the National Honor Society include the following values. Character, the force within an individual which distinguishes that person for others. Service, the willingness to work without monetary compensation or recognition. Leadership, the willingness to yield to one’s personal interest for the interest of others. Scholarship, a commitment to learning.

    III. National Honor Society Tutoring

    The following link https://forms.gle/mvj9TQjp3ec4UEVJ6 is the official NHS internal tutoring request form. Teachers are welcome to fill out the form or have their student fill out the form. Completing this form with as many details as possible will allow us to match the student with a tutor (an AMHS NHS junior or senior) who has similar interests and who we believe will be able to help the student find success and understand class material. We would appreciate you sending this out to your students or putting the link on your class Canvas or Google Classroom pages. 


    The most important thing to remember when signing up for tutoring is that the National Honor Society Tutoring Committee is completely student-led and student-run. This means that scheduling and availability is entirely up to the committee members. We do our absolute best to make the perfect match for your student as the request comes in, taking into consideration the student's needs and preferences. However, we can not guarantee that all preferences are filled. It is important to understand that because this committee runs on a volunteer basis, hours and the ability to commit to regular tutoring are restricted. 


    AMHS NHS Internal Tutoring Coordinators

    Mary Blake Hand   HanMar5607@ccsdschools.com 

    Kaylee Cathcart     CatKay9578@ccsdschools.com

    Maryn Tombs         TomMar9223@ccsdschools.com 


    AMHS NHS Adviser

    Carrie Renes   Carrie_Renes@charleston.k12.sc.us