• East Cooper Montessori Charter School offers on-site activities sponsored by external vendors and teachers, such as Yoga, Fit Club, Hip Hop, ipad Storytelling, Backpack Journalist, Photography, Robotics, and other exciting opportunities from 3:15PM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, (at an additional fee and subject to availability). Classes rotate per quarter (9 week) or semester (18 week) schedule and offerings will vary each time. However, some programs may fall on holidays or other school closings and that is taken into consideration when planning the class. Therefore, there may or may not be 18 sessions in a semester or 9 sessions in the quarter.

    It is our on-going goal to provide weekly and periodic opportunities for students to expand their minds and increase their experiences outside of the classroom setting.  In addition to providing fun and practical situations for building on classroom skills, these programs are a unique opportunity for the student to embrace their community, learn its role in their lives, and their role in its vitality.  All of the extra-curricular activities will enhance the children’s self-awareness, allow them to build their strengths, and address any weaknesses in order that the students become self-confident in their abilities and in their search for knowledge.

  • 9 week schedule

    1st 9 weeks 8/23 - 10/22 

    2nd 9 weeks 10/25 - 1/14

    3rd 9 weeks 1/17 - 3/18

    4th 9 weeks 3/21 - 5/27

  • Semester 18 week schedule

    1st 18 weeks 8/23 - 1/14 

    2nd 18 weeks 1/17 - 5/27