•  Acceleration Schools 

  • Vision

  • Vision for the CCSD Acceleration Schools

    Charleston County School District will empower teachers and school leaders to close the opportunity gap. We will equip scholars with the skills needed to thrive and impact the world while prioritizing equity, with a bold and ambitious vision, as we sustain success over time and ensure endless possibilities for all scholars. WE WILL EXCEL!!!

    Guiding Principles for Acceleration Schools Turnaround Model

    • Exceptional People:  Every student will have a great teacher and a strong school leader.
    • Rigorous Content:  Every student can achieve their college or career goals.
    • Community Partnership:  Every student and their family are proud of their school.
    • School Transformation: Every division is committed to transforming schools with an equitable and relentless focus on leadership, talent management, instructional infrastructure, and climate and culture.