Degrees and Certifications:

Maite Porter, Principal

Maite Porter is the proud Principal of C.E. Williams Middle School 6th Grade Campus. Maite is a passionate educational leader who believes all learners should have the opportunity to a high quality education regardless of race, socioeconomic status, location or background.

A proven turn around educator with a speciality in working in underserved populations.  Originally from the Volusia County area of Florida she has held several roles in education to include; special education teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal Intern, Elementary Principal and now middle school Principal.

Following a proven servant leadership model, Maite strives to build authentic relationships and community with students, families and other educators.  Through a positive growth mindset, hard work and determination she leads with love and example. Mrs. Porter believes that society is most times a reflection of how education is modeled and supported from an early age, she is passionate about demonstrating hope, determination and dedication in order to bring about positive change.

Through her high expectations for all individuals to include, students, staff and all in her leadership Maite has cultivated a culture of success.  Maite believes that pairing new and innovative culturally responsive instruction with proven teaching and learning methods that are data driven with clear goals and outcomes are all integral elements of successful youth.

Growing up the daughter of a Spanish immigrant, Maite saw a strong work ethic in action and determination during her early years and allowed what was demonstrated to her to become a foundational core value as an adult.

Convinced of the value of helping others by observing her parents authentic love, she in turn continues in the legacy with her parents and family who still in their 70’s are involved and giving back to their community. 

Maite lives in Summerville, SC with her husband and son and enjoys traveling abroad with her family, the outdoors and is an avid gardener.