W.B. Goodwin Elementary School

Everyday is a Great Day for Learning!

  • Image of Natasha Jones, Principal.
    Natasha Jones, Principal


  • Let the learning begin!!! As the leader of Goodwin, I am thrilled about the start of the 21-22 school year! I simply cannot wait to get the students back in the classroom to continue our work of moving Goodwin! We are going to have the BEST year Goodwin has ever had! I am SO excited about the work we are doing with OUR children!

    We continue our journey of fulfilling Goodwin’s mission of working in partnership with students, families, and the community, to prepare all students to be high achievers and responsible, caring citizens by providing a nurturing environment that promotes self-esteem, respect for others and a passion for learning.  As the old African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” WE will not be able to do this without YOU.