• Please help us to make carpool run efficiently and Safely:

    • Do not arrive for dismissal until 2:20. There is no parking allowed on Rifle Range Road or Myrick Road. If you arrive before 2:20, please wait off campus before heading this way to enter the carpool line.   
    • Please do NOT get out of your car for any reason in the carpool line. We will buckle your child into their car seat or you may pull forward beyond the number signs and pause to buckle there. If possible, please install car seats on the right side of the car to facilitate safe loading and buckling.


    Carpool Pick Up Times

    • Dismissal begins at 2:40 and ends at 3:00.
    • If students are not picked up by 3:00, they will be sent to Afterschool. (fee based program) 


  • Carpool Walkers & Bikers

    Bicycle Riders and Walking Students who have parental approval to walk and/or bike to school must live within a 3 mile radius of the school. Students must also proceed directly home from school when released from the supervision of the school. Additionally, students will only be dismissed via walker/biker authorization.
    Students may ride their bicycles to and from school, as well as walk, as long as written authorization is sent to dismissal@montessoricharterschool.com. Bikes need to be parked upright in the bike rack, located on the Myrick Rd side of the school. Walkers and Bikers will be released in rain unless parents instruct otherwise.
    Please email daily instructions unless your child is a regular walker/biker and that is indicated in your email.

    All walkers and bikers will be dismissed from the Myrick Road carloop at 3:10.