• JBE Has 3 Distinct Organizations For Parent Involvement

    SIC- School Improvement Council

    • SIC is an advisory board made up of elected parents, teachers, community members, and other members appointed by the principal.   
    • SIC brings the concerns and needs of the school community to the table to be discussed and deals with school policies and funds for school improvement.
    • The SIC follows a set of bylaws and when seats are open for re-election, a call for nominations is sent to the community, the candidate's bios will be shared, and elections are held when the school year begins. 

    PTO- Parent Teacher Organization

    • The PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at James B Edwards Elementary by fostering relationships among the school, parents, teachers and community.
    • The PTO budget is posted on the PTO website for transparency.   
    • Please consider joining a committee to help make JBE 'The Best Little School In The Lowcountry!"
      • Fundraising Committee
      • Community Building Committee 
      • Faculty Relations Committee
      • Beautification Committee
      • Communications Committee
      • Executive Board:
        • President
        • Vice President
        • Secretary
        • Treasurer

    TLE- Tom Lee Endowment

    • Established after longtime principal Tom Lee retired and money raised is used to fund student enrichment not funded by CCSD.  
    • The TLE’s mission is to raise funds to enhance the ability to attain educational goals and improve the intellectual capacity of its students.