• Connect to Home WiFi on an iPad:

    iPad Home Connection Guide

    1. The first step is to ensure that the student device is turned on. You can determine this by pressing the top button on the top of the iPad once. If the screen lights up, it is turned on. If it does not, please hold down the top button until the screen lights up.
      ipad diagram

    2. Once the device has finished starting up, you should see a homepage like the one indicated below. Locate the ‘Settings’ app (the icon resembles a gear) and tap once on it to open the iPad settings. 
      ipad settings

    3. You will be taken into a screen resembling the one below. From the list of options on the list, select ‘Wi-Fi’ and tap on it once. 
      wifi 1

    4. Now, from the list of networks that appear on the right half of the screen, locate your home's wireless network. For the purposes of this example only, Brysonccsd_mifi will serve as the “home” network.

    ipad wifi 2

    You will be prompted to enter your network’s password. Do so, and then hit ‘join’.

     ipad wifi