• The WTMN Morning News is a live morning news show broadcasted daily to all Orange Grove classes. The team includes the duties of a show producer, news anchors, and script editors.  During the 2020-2021, investigative reporting and camera operating have been added to the list of responsibilities.  The crew, along with Mrs. Schaffer, have created brand new segments called “On the Bright Side” and “Tiger Tales”.  The “On the Bright Side” segment highlights positive news happening on the school campus, while “Tiger Tales” promotes reading by inviting special K-5th student guests on the show to share book reviews on great books they have read! 


    20-21 WTMN News Crew  

    2020-2021 WTMN Crew Members

    Emma A. 5E

    Mariana  B. 5A

    Molly B. 5F

    Graham B. 5F

    Ella D. 5D

    Manning E. 5A

    Janasia E. 5B

    Morgan G. 5C

    Jacoby H. 5C

    Brooklyn J. 5B

    Wrigley L. 5B

    Lauren L. 5E

    Jackson M. 5D

    Pierce S. 5A

    Jackson S. 5A

    Elizabeth S. 5B

    Cora W. 5B

    Beck T. 5B


    Junior Crew Members

    Zoey C. 4D

    Owen F. 4B

    Rowan S. 4B

    Saderez S. 4D