• The Freshmen win the January Tiger Cup! 

  • Students were asked to write poems about the new year, check out some of the submissions! 


    "Rising Action"  by Gabby Smith

    We fall, we Rise-
    rising above our standards
    walking with grief-
    with grief, comes growth, in us.
    we stretch our arms to something new,
    something better- something beautiful.
    Bound together as one- one nation.
    New beginning-  new chapters
    new year. 
    "A Year of  Hope?" by Arianna Lucas 

    So 2020 was an interesting year.
    Which was not at all filled with cheer.
    We are free from its demonic grip.
    Which makes me want to back flip.

    We are now in the new year.
    Which won't have as many tears.
    With a safe vaccine on the way,
    We can all shout with glee today.

    School was a very hard challenge you see,
    We had to do school virtually.
    We made it through the first half barely!
    With a lot of kids crying "spare me"!

    With the world torn apart,
    And several broken, miserable hearts.
    Will 2021 bring us joy,
    Or will it play with us like a toy?

    There are many who are not here today.
    And to that I shake my head and pray,
    That they may be in a better place.
    And that we will surely miss their face.

     Our standards for 2021 may be low or high.
    And to that I honestly ask why?
    As long as it is not like the previous year,
    I seriously could not care less my dear.
    2021 by Anastozia Mendones
    A new year has arrived once again
    Attempting to wash out the bad and allow people to make amends.
    The symbol of a beginning after an otherwise bitter 12 month’s prior end
    This is what the inauguration of 2021 is

    The mental escape of the passage of loss one feels
    Yet the continuation of the pain which may never heal
    The time to look at things through a different lens
    And make sure your life and those of the world are where they should stand

     A new year has arrived once again
    May the good wash away the bad as much as it can
    With its presence one should live the best they can
    In a year where the 21st century welcomes the 21st year