Small Spaces by Katherine Arden book cover
  • Small Spaces by Katherine Arden Book Club

    "Terrifying and fun" is what horror master RL Stine called this book!  Look below for the link to sign up!

    Okay so I know Halloween is over and this book is definitely a Fall/Halloween book but for true Horror Fans- HALLOWEEN EXISTS ALL YEAR! Plus, my New Years Resolution is to read outside of my comfort zone. And Horror is DEFINITELY outside of my comfort zone. Want to join me and help me conquer my fear of Horror and start 2021 off right? 

    Book Clubs are laid back and fun. There is no homework. No due dates. No obligations. The only thing you have to do is promise that you will be a respectful Wolverine and show up for the meetings (unless you are absent or have SITOO, of course). 

    Information you need to know:

    Who: ANYONE who wants to join

    When: Tuesdays or Thursdays during lunch/FLEX every two weeks

    Where: In the library

    Why: Because reading is the jam

    How: You can either pay $5 for the book or get it on your own (or check out from library). You will be given passes the morning of the meeting and you go straight to the cafeteria at 11:02. Grab your lunch and bring it to the library! We will read, discuss, hang out, argue, deal with challenges, and more! See you there!

    Click here for a book trailer video


    Join the Small Spaces Book Club HERE!