• Parents Steps to Accept

  • Notification your child has qualified for a seat at their zoned school will be emailed by June 25, 2021. 

    Parent/Guardian Directions:

    #1: To accept a CCSD Pre-K program seat, parents must accept or decline this offer no later than ten business days from the notification.

    Please review your email and/or parent dashboard prior to making your decision as all decisions are final. In accepting this seat you are confirming your participation in CCSD’s Pre-K Child Development program for the 2021-2022 school year.

    #2: Parents will be required to complete the registration process after accepting a seat for the Pre-K/Child Development program your child was qualified for.

    Complete registration online through the parent dashboard.

    All accepted seats will be considered pending until the student's documents and residency is verified by the school.

     Please gather the following documents required for student registration:

    Child's Legal Birth Certificate

    1. SC Certificate of Immunization
    2. Notarized Affidavit of Residency [For details, see Residency Verification Document Requirements (En Español)]
    3. One document for residence verification [For details, see Residency Verification Document Requirements (En Español)]
      • Signed and dated current lease
      • Most recent real property tax bill
      • Copy of the ratified contract for purchase with the date of closing
      • Copy of the ratified contract for construction
    4. One document for mail verification [For details, see Residency Verification Document Requirements (En Español)]
      • Electric or gas bill or water bill
      • Phone bill (NOT cell phone)
      • Cable bill or internet bill
      • Car registration (NOT driver’s license)
      • Pay stub (must show employer’s name and current pay period, name and address of the parent/guardian)
      • Local, state, or federal agency correspondence that reflects the name and address of the parent/guardian (Social Security, Medicaid, DSS, IRS, court documents, etc.)
    5. Parent/Guardian Photo ID

    IMPORTANT-The following are Child Development/Head Start Collaboration sites.  Submission of family income verification is required. 

    • E.B. Ellington--843-725-9849
    • W.B. Goodwin--843-729-0059
    • Midland Park--843-718-6046
    • Mt. Zion--843-754-6289

    Examples of income verification include 2020 tax return (1040, W2,1099), Social Security income received for the past 12 months.

    The deadline to complete registration and residency verification is August 2, 2021. For more information about this process as well as the required documents and deadlines, please visit the CCSD’s registration web page.  

    *All parent email communication will be sent to the original email address that was provided when completing the student application.