• Charleston County School of the Arts

    Theatre Major and Audition for 6th - 12th Grades


    Program Expectations 

    The School of the Arts Theatre Program focuses on actor training as well as developing a performer who has  the  skills  to  create  theatrical  stories.  It  prepares  students  to  be  very  ready  to  participate  in  any  theatre training program around the country at the university level and as well as giving them skills in their SOA theatre major training that are very applicable and useful to any field they wish to study or work in, in the future. 


    To  achieve  these  goals  a  multitude  of  content  areas  is  explored  in  the  curriculum  such  as:  acting  techniques, auditioning, singing, speech, stage combat, yoga, physical conditioning, movement, musical theatre, Shakespeare, rehearsal techniques, design, singing, script and scene analysis, play production, improv comedy, masks, clowning, solo shows, time management, theatre history, psychology, outreach, beginning  technical  theater  skills,  playwriting,  directing,  ensemble  building  and  individual  self-­‐sufficiency. 


    Students with a desire to work productively and supportively in both small and large group settings do well  in  the  Theatre  Program.    In  addition,  theatre  students  should  have  good  self  discipline  and  self  directed  classroom  behavior  along  with  an  affinity  for  language,  the  wonderment  of  the  human condition, stories and good understand of the meaning of teamwork. 


    The Theatre curriculum offers an environment of a constant focus on creative and problem solving skills which help our students learn who they are and who they can become.  As a result they learn to accept and deal with their lifelong process of learning more effectively than students who have not studied in the  CCSOA  Theatre  Department.    Hence,  it  is  our  aim  that  graduates  take  with  them  not  hopes  of  “stardom”  but  rather,  usable  high  level  skills,  resulting  from  the  experience  of  elevated  standards  in creativity, intellect, work ethic and collaboration. 


    Audition Expectations 

    The audition will look closely at the following acting and performance skill sets-­‐ creativity, stage energy, vocal  abilities  (projection,  flexibility  in  tone  sound  &  register,  articulation),  physical  abilities  (whole  body/face  involvement  with  ability  to  change  and  quality  of  movement  execution),  courage  & believability  (ability  &  willingness  to  totally  give  over  to  the  theatrical  situation  with  honesty  &  truthfulness) and taking directions (following quickly, correctly and effectively). 

    Audition Requirements 

    In their audition students will be asked to demonstrate their acting skills through the performance of a prepared  memorized  monologue.    This  should  show  their  ability  to  perform  a  character  in  a  world  of  pretend  as  well  as  having  acting  moments  in  the  performance  where  a  human  behavioral  change happens.  After this first section students will participate in a series of acting exercises where they will be asked to create imaginary situations on the spot and then take direction in the exercises.  Then there may be a cold reading of an unfamiliar passage to be read aloud with expression. The audition will end with a quick question and answer section.  



    Monologue: Out of 10 Points 

    Monologue -­‐ creativity, stage energy, use of body & voice 

    9-­‐10      Polished with honest motivation, clear character, moments and a clear sense of structure.

    7-­‐8        Clear and committed acting and character choices with motivation and a sense of structure.

    5-­‐6        Memorized.  Motivation seen along with the beginnings of structure. 

    3-­‐4        Sort of memorized and some sense of pretend world with some energy in the delivery 

    1-­‐2        Not memorized.  No sense of pretend.  No energy. 


    Acting Exercises: Out of 40 Points 

    Vocal Abilities -­‐ Projection, flexibility in tone sound & register, articulation. 

    9-­‐10     Excellent resonance, placement, character voices and range present. Flexible risk taking. 

    7-­‐8       Ability to change voice along with good articulation and range. 

    5-­‐6       Voice is reflecting the moment and words, understandable. 

    3-­‐4       Some vocal energy but no sense of voice reflecting the theatrical moment. 

    1-­‐2       Mumbling, and hard to understand even with prompting. No vocal energy.    


    Physical Abilities -­‐ Whole body/face involvement with ability to change with quality. 

    9-­‐10     Excellent control of body.  Character movements are present. Risk taking with range. 

    7-­‐8       Ability to change the body along with good sense of what to do with it. 

    5-­‐6       Body is reflecting the moment and physical energy is active and alive. 

    3-­‐4       Some physical energy but no sense of body reflecting the theatrical moment. 

    1-­‐2       Stiff body and dead involvement in the theatrical moment. 


    Courage/Believability -­‐ Ability & willingness to totally give over honestly to the pretend situation. 

    9-­‐10    Risk taker. Really embraces the theatrical moment called for in the story.  Goes of it. 

    7-­‐8      No prompted needed is self sufficient in risk taking and playing pretend. 

    5-­‐6      Willingness to try different choices. 

    3-­‐4      Some sense of play when prompted but little reflection of the theatrical moment. 

    1-­‐2     No sense of play or willingness to try when prompted. 


    Taking Directions -­‐ Following quickly, correctly and effectively. 

    9-­‐10    Easily makes changes in a positive way. Develops on top what was given with improvements 

    7-­‐8      Takes suggestions given and responses effectively and quickly. 

    5-­‐6      Does what is asked of them, listens and shows an ability to change something. 

    3-­‐4     Slow to respond to directions and is not exact in following them. 

    1-­‐2     Cannot do what is asked of them in the audition.