• Charleston County School of the Arts

    Custom & Fashion Design Major and Audition for 9th-12th Grades

    Audition Requirements & Overview

    • Submit 3-5 drawings of original costume or fashion designs appropriate for a child, teen or adult (male or female) on a human figure/model (Croquis). Place drawings in a manila folder with the applicant’s first name on the back. 
    • Students must bring in 1-5 of the best garments either constructed or altered by them.  Accessories may also be included.
    • Student will participate in 90 minute audition including an on-site design challenge assessment in which the applicant will use a variety of materials to create original designs.  ALL MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED.  During these 90 minutes, students will participate in a 10 minute interview about their designs.


    Audition Expectations 

    Students will compile a portfolio of their best work in costume & fashion design and will bring the work at the time of the audition. That portfolio will be evaluated based on creativity, neatness, craftsmanship, design and originality. Also, during the 90-minute timed audition, students will complete an on-sight design challenge from a prompt handed out at the audition with materials available in the audition. This work will be evaluated for its planning, use of materials, creativity, neatness, craftsmanship, skill level, design and engineering.  This design challenge, combined with the simple 10 minute interview, gives insight into the the raw, innate talent and passion without the opportunity to prepare in advance or to revise.  This combination of portfolio preparation and on-sight work shows the applicants abilities to process through the design cycle as well as his/her aptitude for costume & fashion design. 


    Program Overview

    The goal of this major is to provide our students with a college-prep fashion design education and prepare them for careers in the apparel, art, business and related industries.  The successful student will master the skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, team work, communication, following directions and processing information.  Students will also master valuable life skills.  He/she will feel confident with machines, media and technology.  The student will be a self-actualized, independent learner capable of identifying challenges and thinking through solutions.  We strive to promote integrity, self-direction, global thinking, perseverance, a strong work ethic and well developed interpersonal skills. Fashion design is a vehicle of personal expression and we will use our major’s unique challenges to develop quality life skills for education and careers.

    Allow approximately 90 minutes for the entire audition process.  Students will be evaluated based on their On Site Work, Portfolio and Informal Interview.  All work is numerically scored individually using a rubric and the students are ranked by their total score.  Students will be evaluated on sketches and 3D design.  Students will be evaluated on skill, creativity, design, use of materials, engineering, craftsmanship and neatness.  Those with the top scores will be invited into the SOA Costume & Fashion Design Major.  Please work on your skills and apply again next year if you are not accepted this year.


    1. Interview Scoring
    2. Portfolio Assessment (drawing & garment from home)
    3. On-Stage Challenge