• K-5 Memminger Advanced Academic Component

    Admissions Screening Procedures

    Countywide IB Magnet with a K-5 Advanced Academic Component: This school has an attendance zone; therefore, students who live within the attendance zone will automatically be admitted to the school. Additional kindergarten students will be accepted into Memminger Elementary as a part of the Kindergarten Advanced Academic Component. Eligibility is based on a grade level readiness assessment, with students who score “ready”eligible for admission to the school. Further assessment and screening within the first 45 days of school may be utilized for placement in the Kindergarten Advanced Academic Component. Transportation to and from centralized locations is provided to all students who live in Charleston County and attend Countywide Magnets.


    K-5 Memminger Advanced Academic Component Admissions Procedures:

    Applicants for admission to kindergarten should apply through the School Choice process during the annual open application timeline. Typically this process occurs in the winter prior to the beginning of the next school year. 


    Class representation for Kindergarten will be in the following order: 

    1. All Students living in school enrollment zone will be accepted into the school.
    2. Students living in Constituent District 20 who meet readiness criteria will be accepted into the school.
    3. Half of the remaining seats will be allocated for eligible students zoned for schools with a poverty index of 80 percent or higher and half of the seats for eligible students zoned for Charleston County Constituent Districts other than D20. 


    Note: Beginning the 2022-2023 school year, 2nd grade Memminger students who apply for Buist for the 3rd grade for the 2023-2024 school year, will matriculate to Buist automatically if they meet Buist eligibility criteria. *See one-pager for Buist Academy, for additional information. 


    Information provided on the application will be verified in order to identify the correct seating priority for each student. After applications are processed, an email will be sent (to the email address provided on the application) informing parents that the application has been accepted.   



    Random numbers are generated for each applicant based on their priority level.  Once the lottery is complete, the lottery number(s) will be available on the parent dashboard.


    KINDERGARTEN ENTRANCE (Applicants must be 5 years old on or before September 1.) 

    Based on both the priority category level and the randomized lottery number assigned to each applicant, applicants will be selected for the administration of the screening assessment, until all seats are filled. *Due to the large amount of applicants for kindergarten, not all applicants will be screened. The administration of the screening assessment for admission is conducted by appointment on the designated Saturday testing dates (February 27 & March 6, 2021) selected during the application process.


    • Applicants must be screened as a part of the CCSD School Choice Screening Administration and obtain a minimum age-normed national percentile rank indicating kindergarten “readiness.”
    • Private evaluations or testing will not be considered for admission.
    • There is no provision for a student to be retested on the kindergarten admissions test.
    • Overall test results will be shared with the student’s family. Because the sole purpose of this assessment is to screen students for available Kindergarten seats at Memminger, no detailed feedback or educational recommendations will be provided.
    • The scores for kindergarten children who have a qualifying test score and are on the waiting list are valid for one year. 


    Available Seats for Grades 1-5 will be as follows:

    1. Student living in school enrollment zone,
    2. Student living in Constituent District,
    3. Student living in Charleston County outside Constituent District.

     CCSD sibling priority and twin policy will be applied. Additionally, employee priority will apply if seats are available.