• Buist Academy for Advanced Studies

    Admissions Screening Procedures


    Buist Academy Admissions Procedures

    Applicants to Buist Academy for Advanced Studies may apply for admission through the School Choice process during the annual open application timeline. Typically this process occurs in the winter prior to the beginning of the next school year.  Buist Academy is a countywide magnet school that accepts students using admission criteria.


    Grades Offered in 2021-22: 2 - 8 *No additional students will be added in grade 2.


    Buist Application Priorities (in order): 

    Based on meeting eligibility criteria...

    1. Zoned for 80% or higher poverty school
    2. County-wide 


    Expansion Classes Grades 3 & 6 (for 2021-22 only):

    Seats for expansion classes in grades 3 and 6 as well as any seats created due to student withdrawals (any grade level) will be filled according to the following process:


    Step 1: Students must first meet eligibility criteria A and/or B. 


    • Eligibility Criteria A: Gifted and Talented Identification 


    Applicants identified as academically gifted based on the student meeting state-identification criteria. Local identification criteria may not be used for determination of state-identification.  *Official documentation must be provided. 


    • Eligibility Criteria B: High Achievement Assessment


    75th national percentile or better on both the winter MAP Reading and winter MAP Math assessment conducted in-person for the application school year.  MAP Reading and Math scores from a virtual test administration or will not be considered for eligibility purposes.

    • Winter MAP assessment scores administered in-person and submitted from an accredited school district are accepted for review by the School Choice Office. 
    • Applicants who do not have a MAP assessment score for the winter in-person administration of the current school year will be scheduled for one of predetermined in-person administration dates for the MAP assessment administration sponsored by CCSD. 
    • One opportunity for make-up will be offered for students who are unable to attend their initial scheduled in-person testing date.


    Step 2: All applicants meeting eligibility criteria A and/or B will be included in the lottery. 


    Step 3: Based upon available seating priority levels, and lottery number, applicants will be seated. 


    ***Transportation to and from centralized location is provided to all students who live in Charleston County and attend Countywide Magnets.


    Additional Information:

    • Grade-level openings vary based on vacancies. 
    • Sibling priority and twin policy will be applied within each priority level.
    • Process for Military dependents – Families will be required to provide appropriate documentation showing the student is currently enrolled in an IB (International Baccalaureate) school. This does not preclude Buist Academy from performing subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement and continued enrollment of the student. The deadline for these applications will be the last day in May of the current year. Military families must also attach a copy of the military reassignment documents that clearly state the date the specific family’s reassignment was received. Additional space specifically for military families will be made available, within limits, as determined by the Superintendent and staff.