• Academic Magnet High School

  • Background Information

  • Academic Magnet Principal: Mr. Jacob Perlmutter
    Address: 5109-A West Enterprise Street
    City & Zipcode: North Charleston, SC 29405
    Phone: (843) 746-1300
    Fax: (843) 746-1310 
    Website: http://www.ccsdschools.com/amhs
    Email: jacob_perlmutter@charleston.k12.sc.us
    Grades: 9 - 12
    Type of School: Countywide Admissions Magnet
    Enrollment: 712
    Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Year Built: 2010
    Square Feet: 95,048
    Acreage: Shared

  • School Category: Countywide with admissions criteria 

  • Focus/Description

    Academic Magnet High School offers a rigorous and challenging liberal arts curriculum designed to prepare all students for success in the college or university of their choice and the opportunity to earn multiple college credits and to participate in the AP Capstone program. Our students are encouraged to be contributing members of the community, to acquire a sense of global responsibility, and to cultivate and uphold respect for cultural diversity.

    Academic Magnet High School (AMHS) has academic admission criteria. The random lottery selection of students to determine eligibility is influenced by priorities listed under Application Priorities. 

    Transportation to and from centralized locations is provided to all students who live in Charleston County and attend Countywide Magnets.

    Application Grades: 9 - 11


  • School Overview