• 9th grade: Antonio Wright

     Antonio has worked so hard in math class. He asks for help, takes great notes, and has been on pace or ahead since the start of the school year. Antonio has a great attitude, and represents ECHS well!

     Wright - 9th grade

    10th grade: Ajime Leachman

    Ajime embodies all aspects of the ROAR Matrix. He is a hard worker, goes the extra mile, seeks clarification, and is always academically engaged. He reaches out to teachers when he is unsure or needs clarification and is always prepared for class. He works to his highest potential and is a model citizen!

     Leachman 10th


    11th grade: Dinystee Porcher

    Dinystee took it upon herself to change her study habits so that she could improve her grade in MAT. She realized that her old methods weren't working and took the time to re-write and organize her notes so that she could do better on the next test. I haven't known Dinystee for long, but I can tell that she puts forth her best effort in everything that she does.

     Porcher - 11th


    12th grade: Shane' Washington

    Shane is doing a fantastic job balancing her school schedule and personal appointments while keeping a positive attitude towards her education. She shows up everyday ready to work with the biggest smile on her face. She is an absolute joy to have in class!

    Washington - 12th