• 9th grade: Ja'Mya Ruth 

    Ja'Mya Ruth: Ja'Mya is a diligent student. She asks questions and offers input/answers in class. Ja'Mya even laughs at Ms. Broadway's jokes (that alone should make her student of the month!). When put in groups with peers she excels at communicating and staying on task. She is a great student, and she is working so hard!


    10th grade: Kendra Hollington

    Kendra Hollington: Kendra is an excellent candidate for the Student of the Month award.  She demonstrates resilience and academic engagement by being finishing her third quarter coursework early and utilizing the resources available to her to solve problems.  Always on time for the assigned meeting time, Kendra is prepared and willing to work with her class partner, should her partner need help.



    11th grade: Jordan Brown

     Jordan did not earn a passing grade in his ENG 101 class during the Fall 1 term, but when he took it again during Fall 2 he crushed it and earned an 85%! He was very proactive about working on assignments early and submitting them before the due date so he could get feedback, revise, and then resubmit. He would come to Academic Lab during his assigned supervision time and on Fridays even though he was not scheduled to attend because he recognized that it was a better learning environment for him. This semester he has continued to be proactive, seeking out help from Ms. Weisskopf for his Probability and Statistics class, and working diligently to stay on target according to the class pacing guide. He often comes to visit us in Academic Lab even though he is not on our roster because he has learned the value of being proactive and reaching out for help early in order to prevent getting behind.  In addition to being academically engaged, Jordan is extremely polite and considerate. This morning at bus duty it was pouring, and I noticed that he held his umbrella over the person who was walking in front of him and getting soaked himself.


    12th grade: Noah Lachance

    Noah exemplifies resilience, academic engagement, and responsiveness.  He has been dealing with health issues and juggling his academics and doctor's appointments.  Despite being offered to drop one of his TTC classes, he chose to stick it out.  Noah is staying positive despite all the adversity he's faced.  Any time Noah knows he will not be in class, he is responsible and let's me know ahead of time.