Greg Mathis Charter High School

    is proud to recognize our

    “Excellent Tigers”

    Recognizing scholars for their dedication to virtual and traditional mode of instruction

    Week of October 5, 2020




    Jamiya Richardson – English 3

    Ariyana Hughes – English 1/Vocabulary/High School Literacy

    Deondra Walker – Vocabulary

    Shane Simmons – Vocabulary/High School Literacy

    Allen Simmons – English 3

    Ryeheen Segar – Academic Seminar IV/High School Literacy

    Lamarion Rivers – Academic Seminar II

    Dymasja Taylor – Academic Seminar III



    Jaylen Appling – Medical Terminology/Astronomy/Physical Science

    JenAisha McLaurin – Medical Terminology / Astronomy

    Matthew Rouse – Physical Science

    Quinniah Brown – Medical Terminology / Astronomy

    Lashyiah Lockwood - Astronomy



    Ariyana Hughes – Geography/Psychology

    Malayiah Johnson – Psychology/Geography 

    Zamaurie Robinson – Government/Psychology

    Jamiya Richardson - Civics



    Zamaurie Robinson – Foundations in Algebra

    Lamarion Rivers – Foundations in Algebra

    Allen Simmons – Geometry

    David Cummings – Geometry

    Dymasja Taylor – Geometry

    Ariyana Hughes – Foundations in Algebra

    DeVontae Simmons – Foundations in Algebra

    Malayiah Johnson – Foundations in Algebra

    Ryeheen Segar – Foundations in Algebra



    Jamiya Richardson – Entrepreneurship

    Deondra Walker – Entrepreneurship

    DeVontae Simmons – Entrepreneurship

    Anthony Goodwin – Personal Finance

    Cameron Nelson – Personal Finance

    Lamarion Rivers – Fundamentals of Computing



    Aaliyah Head – Ahead in all Edgenuity courses

    Tynise Brown – Ahead in all Edgenuity courses

    Jamiya Richardson – Completed P.E.

    Shania Fulton – Ahead in all Edgenuity courses