The North Charleston Elementary administration and the leadership team to ensure effective and efficient communication flow between all stakeholders in the operation North Charleston Elementary have established the following guidelines.

    1. There will be an established suggestion box for input from faculty, staff, students, community members and parents in the front office of the main building.
    2. There will be scheduled meetings of the School Improvement Council/Title I on a regular basis.
    3. The School Improvement Council/Title I will be placed on the agendas of all community and parental meetings during the course of the school year.
    4. In the planning annual meetings of the school name School Improvement Council/Title I, parents there will have opportunities for individual and group questions regarding student activities and the Title I budget and planning process.
    5. Parents and other stakeholders will be encouraged to bring all suggestions, concerns and/or issues to the administrative team and/or the leadership team.
    6. North Charleston Elementary administration will train and direct clerical staff to pass on all phone calls or visits to the North Charleston Elementary administration to ensure quick and thorough follow-up.
    7. School Name administration will gather parent’s suggestions, concerns and/or issues and bring them to the Teacher Assistance team (TAT) meeting for review and feedback.
    8. All suggestions, concerns, and or issues will be follow-up with a response back to the interested party within 48 hours of the Teacher Assistance team meeting.

    Procedures for Responding to Parent Suggestions:

    Parents are encouraged and invited to provide suggestions on all areas of school life at North Charleston Elementary.  You can send directions to our principal and administration using the CCSD email accounts or write a note to your child’s HR teacher.  The HR teacher will then submit the suggestion to the main office for administration.


    Once your suggestion is received, it will be handled in one of several ways:


    1. If the suggestion relates to your specific student, an administrator will contact you to discuss the recommendation and possible follow up within 24 hours. Any decisions or nest steps determined between the administrator and the family will then be followed up on, as agreed in that conversation.
    2. If the suggestion relates to school-wide procedures or activities, the suggestion will be discussed and shared at the next planned meeting of both the school’s Leadership team (faculty/administration) and

    Title I/SIC/PTSA parenting council.  Following that meetings, a board member will contact the parent regarding the status of the suggestion and possible next steps.