• Step 1: Pay Your Fees


    Students are expected to pay the required fees by debit / credit card on RevTrak ahead of their scheduled day. Fees can be paid via the link at the bottom of this page beginning on Friday, August 21st.


    In order to pick up a student's schedule, there are a number of fees all students must pay. Any student with an outstanding fee or obligation may not be able receive their schedule or check out textbooks, Chromebooks, or other school issued materials.

    Required Fees

    Student Activity Fee* - Traditional In-Person / Temp Remote Learning: $45


    Student Activity Fee* - Virtual Learning: $25

    • The Student Activity Fee is needed to cover the cost of virtual and classroom settings for all students. The fee will provide materials and supplies for Math, Social Studies (excluding AP classes), English, World Languages, Physical Education, and Science (excluding Dual Credit and AP classes) courses. It will also cover the cost of each student's initial ID badge / lanyard and student incentives throughout the year.
    • *Students and their parents will be notified this week as to which mode of learning they will be.


    Past Due Fees / Lost or Damaged Textbooks

    • This covers any fee or obligations a student still owes from a previous school year. It could include outstanding ID fees, a Band fee, CTE course fee, etc. If a student has lost their textbook, the fee must be settled before their schedule can be issued. Check the list below to see if you student has an outstanding fee. If the book is at home, it must be turned in before a schedule can be issued. Don't forget to bring it on your designated Schedule Pick Up day.
      • To see if a student has any outstanding textbooks fees, click HERE.
      • To see if a student owes any fees from previous years, please login to your Parent Portal account. To login, click HERE.


    The following fees are based on your student's grade level and / or schedule. They do not have to be paid in order for your student to receive their schedule but must be paid by Friday, October 2nd.

    Supplemental Fees

    Class Fee

    Senior Fee: $30

    • This fee covers Senior activities and graduation ceremony supplies.

    Course Fee

    AP & Dual Credit Courses: Students / parents will be emailed this week if they are in one of the below AP / Dual Credit courses should they want to pay everything owed.

    • To see if a student in enrolled in an AP or Dual Enrollment class and therefore owes one of the below fees, click HERE.

    AP History Course Fee: $30

    • This fee includes all students enrolled in AP Government, AP US History, AP European, AP World History, and AP Human Geography. Students will receive a hardback book and an ebook for each of the aforementioned courses in which they are enrolled.

    AP Science Course Fee: $10

    • This fee covers class and lab supplies for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

    Dual Credit Science Course Fee: $10

    • This fee covers class and lab supplies for the 2020 - 2021 school year.


    Other Fees

    Parking Fee: $50 (Full Year)  **Wait to hear if you are in-person before paying.**

    • All fees must be paid in order to purchase a parking permit. Students MUST show their license, registration, and proof of insurance BEFORE they may park on campus.

      • Current members of West Ashley High's chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) do not have to pay for parking.

    2021 WAHS Yearbook: $65 (until November 30)

    • To purchase a personalized Yearbook, order from Herff Jones directly by clicking HERE.

    WAHS Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO): $20

    • West Ashley High cannot function without the help and support of its parents, teachers, and students. Each year members must pay their dues through the WAHS RevTrak website and fill out the membership form HERE before they are considered an official member.


    For a complete list of possible fees for the 2020 - 2021 school year, click HERE.


    To pay your fees, click HERE.


    To view instructions on how to use RevTrak, click HERE.


    Click HERE to move on to Step 2: Review Important Documents!