• Charleston Development Academy Is Committed To Help Reduce The Spread of COVID-19

    As we look to the coming year, we anticipate public health restrictions may continue to fluctuate in light of low, medium or high spread of the COVID-19 virus in our area. Therefore, we need a plan that is flexible and responsive to these conditions and that allows for high quality instruction in any format of delivery.

    Administration along with the Governance Board is working diligently for a "safe restart" of school on September 8, in line with Charleston County School District. As you are aware there are many uncertainties as we move closer to the anticipated start date. Our desire is to restart school in the Fall for all CDA students with as much normalcy as is possible given the conditions at that time. We are tasked in the coming weeks with creating school settings that allow teachers and students to re-engage in quality learning while also taking appropriate measures to ensure their health and safety. 

    We also understand some families may prefer a virtual/eLearning environment as an option. Those families are welcome to enroll in the district’s virtual academy. The children of CDA’s families who choose to participate in the district’s virtual academy will enroll as full-time students for at least the first quarter of the school year. All of our students who participate in the district’s virtual academy are still enrolled as CDA students and will be able to make the transition back to face-to-face after the first quarter if they wish to. Families who wish to take advantage of the virtual learning option, may contact: https://www.ccsdschools.com/Page/5236.

    This safe restart in September will allow our students to return to their normal routines of learning and participation in school activities. We also understand that this safe restart will allow our parents to return to their normal lives knowing that their children are growing academically and being kept safe at school.

    While we are not entirely sure today what our normal will look like when we restart, please be assure that we are diligently planning for a SAFE return to school for all students this Fall. Regardless of the path this coming year takes, our students will receive quality instruction that covers grade level standards so they may progress successfully in their educational careers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Our proposed start date will be delayed if we have medium to high spread of the virus in our area.


    Our Current Challenge

    o  Due to COVID-19 Charleston Development Academy had to close it's door for the last two months of the 2019-2020 academic year. Unfortunately the closure disrupted the education process.

    o  Many of our students have fallen behind academically, and that is compounded by the fact that the most vulnerable students likely fell further behind by comparison.

    o  Our students need to return to some normalcy of schooling for their academic, social and emotional health.

    Our Approach to the Challenge



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