• Task Force

  • Return to School Plan Our desire is to restart school in August for all CCSD students with as much normalcy as is possible given the conditions at that time. We are tasked in the coming weeks with creating school settings that allow teachers and students to re-engage in quality learning while also taking appropriate measures to ensure their health and safety. 

    This safe restart in August will allow our students to return to their normal routines of learning and participation in school activities. We also understand that this safe restart will allow our parents to return to their normal lives knowing that their children are growing academically and being kept safe at school.

    While we are not entirely sure today what our normal will look like when we restart, our staff, our parents, and our community deserve the assurance that we are diligently planning for a safe return to school for all students this August.

    Meet the Task Force | Situation Overview

  • Rev. Dr. Eric Mack, CCSD Board Chair

    Kate Darby, CCSD Board Vice Chair

    Dr. Gerrita Postlewait, CCSD Superintendent

    Matthew Severson,  MUSC

    Dr. Ed O-Brien, MUSC

    Dr. Don Johnson, MUSC

    Dr. Katy Richardson, SC DHEC

    Jamie McCarthy, Principal, Lambs Elementary 

    James Whitehair, Principal, Laing Middle School

    Henry Darby, Principal, North Charleston High School 

    Mary Carmichael, Principal, Charleston Charter M&S

    Willa McGirth-Hobbs, Mary Ford Teacher

    Chad Williams, Teacher, Deer Park Middle

    Egypt Anderson, Student, RB Stall High School

    Lauryn Daley, Student, Early College High School

  • Heather Burke, Parent

    Tiffani Bush, Parent

    Sherry Snipes-Williams, Charleston Promise Neighborhood

    Tina Wirth, Metro Area Chamber of Commerce

    Paul Asper, Business Community

    Jeff Borowy, CCSD Operations

    Karolyn Belcher, CCSD Academics

    Erica Taylor, CCSD Strategy & Communications

    Natalie Ham, CCSD Legal

    Bill Briggman, CCSD Human Resources

    Don Kennedy, CCSD Finance

    Edward Boyd, CCSD Communications

    Dr. Joe Williams, CCSD Academics

    Michelle Simmons, CCSD Academics

    Ellen Nitz, CCSD Nursing