• Insurance

    Our department administers the district's self-insurance funds and excess insurance policies. Such as property, flood, vehicle, and excess workers' compensation policies. We also manage the student accident/athletic insurance policies. 

    Certificate of Insurance

    As you plan various activities away from the school, you may be asked for "proof of insurance." The requesting organization is asking for you to provide evidence that the District has liability insurance coverage for the proposed activity. You will probably be asked for this certificate anytime you are going into a private business.

    To Request a Certificate of Insurance:

    Complete the Certificate of Insurance Form or you may also email the COI Request Form to coi@charleston.k12.sc.us or fax it to 843-937-6585.   


    The certificate will be mailed. If this request has to be handled quickly, please include a fax number or an email address and a request stating that quicker handling is needed. Think about the Certificate of Insurance early in your planning process.


    Automobile Accident Procedures

    If an employee is involved in an automobile accident while operating a CCSD vehicle, these procedures should be followed:

    1. Check all parties to determine if there are any injuries.
    2. Administer first aid, if needed.
    3. Call the police and an ambulance, if needed.
    4. Cooperate with police and ambulance personnel.
    5. Do not admit liability, but provide facts to police personnel.
    6. Take pictures of the CCSD vehicle and the other party's vehicle – damaged areas, license plate
    7. Obtain a copy of the police report (FR-10 / Financial Responsibility form) from the officer.
    8. If the vehicle is not drivable, have the vehicle towed to Bridge View. Please obtain the name of the towing company and phone number.
    9. Notify the supervisor or manager that the accident occurred. If they can not be reached, please call Safety & Risk Services at 843-937-6574.
    10. If the driver or another CCSD employee is injured, please call PAI at 1-866-481-3970 to report the injury and be referred to a facility for treatment.
    11. If the CCSD driver is at fault, a post-accident drug screen is required. Please call Safety & Risk Services at 843-937-6574 so they can contact an authorized facility.
    12. Forward a copy of the FR-10 and completed Vehicle Accident/Incident Form to Safety & Risk Services, tanya_meetze@charleston.k12.sc.us