• Summer Reading 2020

    Summer Reading 2020


    Here is how you and your child can access Clever from home over the summer. There are over 10,000 EBooks to choose from and many fun databases to explore and learn!

     Here is how to access Clever from home:

    1. Go to the Jennie Moore website

    2. Click students at the top and then go to Media

    3. Here you can scroll down to Cleverand get in. (username is first 3 letters of last name + first 3 letters of first name + last 4 digits of their power school number   Password is 123456)

    4. Once in Clever: 

              MyOn: (over 7,000 EBooks)

    Go to library and then search - Click on the filter to the left and limit your parameters so books are suited for you. Grade level is fine! Search the books, put what you like in your favorites so you can easily find them later!

             MackinVia: EBooks and Databases: 

    Click a category then go to the left under advanced search and limit your parameters. Grade level is great! When you like a book, add it to your favorites. You can find your favorites later, at the top where it says welcome. Click the green circle. If you read it, go ahead and check it out! But be sure to return it when finished! Enjoy!

      Databases: Go to databases and explore! Here are some great ones:

    For K-2: Abdo,Britannica Encyclopedia, DK: Find Out, PebbleGo, TumbleBooks

    For 3-5 : Britannica Encyclopedia, DK: Find Out,PowerKnowledge,TumbleBooks


    There is a plethora of information in Clever! (Brainpop and Sora are great too!) Please make use of it when you can. If you have any questions, you may contact me at:  lisa_shellhaas@charleston.k12.sc.us 


    Thank you! Ms. Shellhaas


    Please click on the links below to download Summer Bingo cards!

    Bingo K-2

    Bingo 3-5