• Rising 9th-Grade JICHS Class Request For Future Trojans!

    It's time to request your classes for next year! To help you request your classes we have created this Google Form. We will use your requests from the Google Form to build your schedule for next year. Parents, you are being included in this email but please only submit one request per student.

    Please sit down with your parents and select the classes that you think will challenge you, interest you, and be manageable for you. If you do not know if you are ready for an Honors course or not, please reach out to your 8th grade teachers and ask their opinion. Use their recommendations to help you decide. 

    You will be requesting at least 8 credits. Elective requests that go beyond the 8 required credits will be considered alternate requests.

    You will be taking 8 credits in 9th grade, but they will not all be at the same time. Some or all of your classes will be semester-long classes.  Please see an example daily schedule below:

    For descriptions of each course, the South Carolina high school graduation requirements, and the recommended sequencing flowcharts for each course subject, please refer to the James Island Charter High School 2021-2022 Program of Studies.

    **All Pre-IB students, please use the Pre-IB Class Requests form to make your class selections. Questions about Pre-IB, please contact Jennifer Smillie.**

    If you have any questions about the JICHS 21-22 Course Selection Process please reach out to the James Island Charter High School 9th grade counselors:

    Ms. Brandon - lindsay_brandon@charleston.k12.sc.us - Last names A - R
    Ms. Farrell - deborah_farrell@charleston.k12.sc.us - Last names R - Z

    For any questions about the AVID program and the AVID application process, please reach out to Ms. Reid.

    We hope that you are all healthy and safe and look forward to meeting you next year!

    JICHS Guidance