• Title I and Federal Programs

  • Rhonda Robinson Rhonda Robinson
    Director of Title I

    75 Calhoun Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    843-937-6364 (p)

    How We Directly Support Schools

    We provide technical assistance for the development, implementation and monitoring of Title I Plans and Budgets. Administer supportive services to families to enhance the academic achievement of students to help them become lifelong learners. Promote and provide parent options for school transfers and free tutoring services.

    Our Core Services

    Overseeing the compliance, monitoring, budgeting, and fiscal accountability of Title I programs. Providing enrichment programs for families of English Language Learners (ELL), student supportive health services (including optical and dental services), services for displaced or homeless families, services to neglected and delinquent site programs, and Title I private schools. Overseeing district and school improvement, "Parents Right to Know," ESEA transfers and Supplemental Educational Services (SES).

    Parents Right to Know-English
    Parents Right to Know-Spanish

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