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  • John CobbJohn Cobb
    Executive Director of Federal Programs

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    Email: johne_cobb@charleston.k12.sc.us

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    To establish the board's vision for the role of support services in the operation of the district. Support services are essential to the successful function of a school system. The administration must design school business and other support operations to support a quality educational program. Education is the district's central function. All support services must be provided, guided and evaluated by this requirement.
    In order to provide support services that are truly supportive of the educational program, the board establishes these broad goals.

    1. Embrace a culture of continuous service improvement
    2. Balance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services
    3. Engage with customers, empowering them with authoritative and relevant information and service
    4. Build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by exercising best practices in customer service delivery
    5. Promote strategic and responsible stewardship of resources 
    6. To provide a physical environment for teaching and learning that is safe and pleasant for students, staff and public
    7. To ensure data is correct in PowerSchool in order to provide safe transportation for students to and from school.
    8. To provide an efficient and effective system for financial management and accountability
    9. To provide support services with timely and high-quality resources and assistance in the areas of accounting, transportation, food service and maintenance
    10. To provide support services resources and assistance as needed with maximum speed to fulfill the needs of the educational program as they develop.
    11. To provide support services, resources and assistance with maximum responsiveness in terms of limits and degree of fulfillment of the needs of the educational program as they develop.