• Curriculum and Instruction

  • The Curriculum and Instruction Department works collaboratively with other departments in the Learning Services Division to develop curriculum and resources aligned to the SCCCR standards and support instructional practices to positively impact student academic achievement towards college, career, and citizenship readiness for every student.  

  • CCSD Instructional Framework

  • The CCSD Framework of Effective Instruction provides a common understanding of effective instructional practice. It gives direction for consistent planning to ensure student achievement. The Framework seeks to create an inclusive learning environment with culturally responsive instruction. Instruction is based on a standards-aligned curriculum that provides personalized learning experiences for all students. 

    The CCSD Framework starts with the student at the center to ensure that they receive equitable instruction to meet or exceed learner outcomes. The CCSD Framework of Effective Instruction identifies teaching behaviors encompassing effective instructional practice. The Framework may be used for many purposes, but its most significant value and impact is that it serves as the basis for professional planning conversations among educators. 


    The four circles in the graphic that encase the learner magnify high leverage strategies the system will align its support around to continue to improve student outcomes. These actions provide for effective Tier 1 instruction. All K-12 teachers should use these universal practices to ensure student growth and achievement. The four actions aim to establish standard professional practices across the CCSD system, ensure greater consistency in teaching across the district, and provide a common guide for improving teaching practices.

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