• Summer SAIL 2022


    IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 2023 - Summer SAIL will only serve students who will be entering grades 3 - 5. We are making this change to allow for more students who will be participating in our SAIL program in the upcoming year to attend. This will exclude rising 6th graders as we believe the Summer SAIL experience is stronger when we focus specifically on the needs of elementary students.   

    Summer SAIL is designed to be a fun, interactive, academically challenging summer learning experience for students who are currently (21-22) fully identified as ACADEMICALLY gifted and talented in grades 2 through 5. 


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    Location: James B. Edwards
    855 Von Kolnitz Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
    Dates: June 8-28, 2022 Monday - Friday

    Times: Doors open at 8am

    Class Times: 8:30am - 4:00pm

      Cost: $450 per student - You will not pay through the registration form. Payment information will be sent to you via email with registration confirmation.
    Transportation: Bus transportation will be available for an additional $100 per student
     Lunch: Breakfast and lunch are provided
    Classes: Current 2nd and 3rd graders will be placed together and current 4th and 5th graders will be placed together.
    Class Selection: During registration, students will choose their top 5 classes. They will be placed in 3 classes and will rotate through all 3 daily.  These 3 classes will remain the same throughout the program.
    Contact Us: summersail@charleston.k12.sc.us


    Registration will open Monday, March 14, 2022 at 7am.

    Registration will close Friday, April 29, 2022.

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    2022 Summer SAIL Brochure        2022 Summer SAIL Brochure - Spanish

    Class Name Purpose/Overview
    Action Reaction We seriously doubt you will stay at rest while making rockets and experimenting to accelerate the fun of learning! Come join us as we challenge Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and even design and test rockets and a satellite to ensure we can safely land a human (egg). Let’s catapult into some engineering fun!
    Build it Better Calling all engineers! Think you have what it takes to be the better builder? Test out your instinctive architectural skills through creative structure and bridge building challenges. Then, refine them as we apply engineering design principles, research, and shared inquiry to "build it better" the second time around.
    Cultural Art Connections Travel the world through time to explore the evolution of art in culture. Create your own artistic masterpieces inspired by civilizations throughout time and investigate their messages. Paint, mold, dye your way to a deeper understanding of art history!
    Get With the Program Are you smarter than a robot? IF you take this course, THEN you will find out! Get with the program and learn how you can start developing computer programming skills now and keep learning long after camp is over. Explore the basics of computer programming and coding language/commands through interactive activities and online training. We will also work with Sphero, Ozobots, and Dash robots to tackle challenges and obstacles.
    Going Viral Do you live for Social Media? You are guaranteed to get some 'likes' and 🤣 as you report on all that is Summer SAIL! Students will interview, write, and create digital news stories using various platforms. But going viral isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Save yourself and friends from the 'dark' side of social media in a PSA that you create.
    Lights, Camera, Take Action! Are you passionate about helping? Do you enjoy creating and performing? Then "Lights, Camera, Take Action" is for you! Through discussions and research with your team, chart a course for change and share your message in a creative way. Explore different styles of theatrical productions and create a performance that will inspire your audience to join your cause!
    Mysteries of the Deep Blue Ocean travelers get your passports ready. Set sail on a tsunami ride around the world. From one ocean to another, we will uncover the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. Embarking upon each destination, we will descend to the marvelous, mystical mysteries of each of the seas. What gives the oceans their color? What are the colors of the Great Barrier Reef? Why are the animals in the Antarctic so large?
    SAIL Secret Agent Academy Your assistance is requested. You are being recruited for the newest division of the CIA…The SAIL Secret Agent Academy or the SSAA. As new secret agents, you will learn all you can about ciphers, codes, and cryptography, as well as collect and analyze foreign intelligence and conduct covert action! Investigate the use of cryptography over time. Use your new skills and reasoning to BREAK OUT of sticky situations.
    Survivor Will your tribe outwit, outplay or outlast Summer SAIL? Can you survive the elements while working as a team and growing your leadership skills? Join us on an adventure of self-discovery and survival! This course will be a combination of creative/collaborative challenges and an exploration of real-world survival skills.
    The "Magic" of Chemistry Liquids that don't splash? Erupting fountains? Growing crystals? Hot ice? Experiment with everyday items and predict how they will interact. Investigate what chemical changes are occurring to explain the fascinating reactions. Prepare for a final "magic" show to amaze your friends and family!
    We Are the Champions What does it take to be a champion? Can you defend your favorite sports team with statistics? Huddle up for some heated face-offs as we debate the world of sports through quantitative and qualitative data. And, of course, we'll get in on the action and make our own stats through basketball, kickball, and even a little American Ninja Warrior! Game on!