• The Junior Ring Ceremony will be held in January on Saturday the 11th, 6-9 pm.  SOA Juniors will be requesting that some of you be their ring presenter at this ceremony.  It is an honor & compliment to be asked.  Attached, you will find some information for you to review if you are asked to present a ring and you say "yes".
    DATE & TIME & PLACE:  RMMT, Saturday, January 11th, 6-9pm.  Arrive prior to 6 pm please so you can be shown to your seat and lined up in order as per JRC program.
    COMMITMENT FORM:  Students must complete a JRC Commitment Form, signed by their presenter, by Wed Dec 18th.  If someone asks you to present and does not have a form, there is one attached you can use, OR you can just email me a "yes" and student's name.
    INFO & RECOMMENDATIONS:  Also attached are lists of info and recommendations for presenters.  Please review asap if you are asked.  Included are details about the ceremony, speech-writing, presenting, appropriate dress, and expectations.  Sample speeches can be provided for you to look over for ideas.
    MUSIC:  A tradition we have here at SOA is intro music for each presenter. 
    JUNIOR LETTER:  Also attached is the 2019-2020 Junior Class letter.  It has important information about the JRC and our April Prom for you to review.
    CATERED:  The JRC is catered, but with small snacks and treats.  Eating dinner prior to the ceremony is a good idea.
    GUESTS:  If you wish to bring guests, please let me know how many in advance.
    SCHEDULING:  If you need to present earlier or later in the evening for various reasons, let me know asap.  I hear there is a band-related event in Summerville until 6 pm on that day.  Presenters with those Juniors will be moved to the back of the program to accommodate the student's time to arrive at SOA.
    QUESTIONS or CONCERNS:   Email Karl Clark or Amanda Miller if you have any questions.  Looking forward to seeing you at the JRC 2019-2020!